Choose from categories- Sports, Music, Youtube, Movies, Stocks, & Crypto. Research on trades and purchase Shares!


Take advantage of available data and research for the trades. Check out price trends, and Decision links provided. Use your knowledge and learnings.

Get Coins

Win coins that can be redeemable to enter other live game shows, join new markets and after reaching certain milestones can withdraw as well!

Event Categories


Cricket, Football, E-Sports, Tennis & more.


Crypto, Finance, Startups & much more.


All genres, Award Shows, Box-Office & much more.

Creator Statistics

Trade on Likes, Posts, Comments & much more.


Top Creators, launches, videos, views & more.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are Event Markets?

Event Markets are new games of skills. Members can trade on current events across Sports, Movies, YouTube, Stocks and Crypto. Events contracts are generated on Plutus and treated as stocks, you can buy a share on the basis of your research and findings!

2. How do we get Started?

Its Simple! As you get a Creator Invite for opinion use the same link to get access to event markets. You can use your creators referral code for initial bonus coins and practice some trades. Whatever event you have knowledge on you can place your opinion on by purchasing shares. Make sure to read the market info, and decision points to research about the events.*Fun Fact: Completing the KYC gets you 10 Coins!

3. What more can I do with Event Markets?

Event Markets are hosted in creator communities. You can discuss your thoughts, start a live discussion and get together with other community members before making decisions. With this there's a dedicated portfolio, exit's page. Get to know how you did before, improve your skills and participate in more events.

Terms & Rules

1. Is KYC Required?

Yes, during before withdrawals KYC is required, where you submit your Pan Number with Verification of Phone number and Email.
You also get a 10 Coins bonus for completing your KYC!

2. Plutus Coins, Where to find them?

Your coins won can be seen in your Plutus Wallet. These coins can be utilised for other live game shows or various event markets.

3. How to Recharge my Wallet?

You require a certain balance to be able to buy an event and even access live game shows with coins. You Can use the Top-Up option on your wallet tab to add funds or use referral codes or join open entry live game shows and win bonus coins. You can transfer using various wallets, credit or debit card, net banking, PayTM, and UPI. Recharge to wallet happens between 2-4 Hours.

4. What is the FairGame Policy

The FairGame policy is Unicohub's policy to provide equal opportunity to each and every player. Every player will receive the same rights, and access to events. Furthermore, no employee's of Unicohub Private Limited are allowed to play any events.

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